Obsessed with my girl after 3 months with her

@kriskristnight I feel you! We got our boy on December 30th. I fell in love with my boy right away during our car ride home from the breeder. He cried a few times. I tried to calm him and he made eye contacts with me several times, got comfortable with me and fell asleep on me during the entire ride. I also bonded faster with him because I took the first week off to spend every minute with our pup and my partner took the second week off to do the same. We are looking forward to move back to NYC for work and our first priority is getting a big place with easy access to yard!

We love him so much and there are never ending challenges but it is so wonderful to see him growing up as a confident boy. We also can tell he loves us too. I never felt this way before.
@kriskristnight Hi, fellow crazy puppy parent! I totally get it! I'm not sure what I would be doing without my buddy. The stars aligned when I adopted him three weeks ago; he's already gotten me through some dark days.

Your girl is such a beauty! I always thought my first dog solo would be a pittie or cattle dog, maybe German Shepherd. But then I met my Bodhi, a golden retriever/lab mix at our local shelter. I know they have the reputation of being the ultimate family dog, but to actually experience their sweet and gentle demeanor has me absolutely gobsmacked!

Thanks for the suggestion on googling kong recipes. That thought never even occurred to me. As you know very well, being the entertainment can be quite exhausting! ;D
@ayyiah I have such a soft spot for labs too! I would love to get a lab mix as a sibling for Cooper in a year or two.

A favorite of my girl's is "Pumpkin cheesecake" (and I like that it gets her to eat some pumpkin).

1 part low fat cream cheese

1 part canned pumpkin or pumpkin baby food

crumbled dog biscuits (I use the pumpkin flavored Charlee bear treats)

then just blend it all together! Works well both cooled down in the fridge or a bit frozen. =)
@kriskristnight Same here!! Although I had the worst puppy blues when I got her at 9 weeks. I was so close to Rehoming her as I thought it was IMPOSSIBLE to raise her on my own and with her barking constantly. But it gets better!!! Now I can’t stop staring at her and bring her out for walks and sniffing her!! Her cuddles and kisses make everything 100x better 🥰🥰💖💖💖
Whoever that needs to listen to this, don’t give up on your puppy because it will get better and you will obsessed with her/him. My pup is only 15 weeks old now but she’s the most gorgeous and wonderful thing that’s ever happened to me 💕💕💕
@kriskristnight My girl lights up my world. If I sit on the floor, she climbs in my lap to chew on her toy. I get cuddles all night. She’s so fun to play with. My whole life revolves around her and I’m the better for it.
@kriskristnight This so much! My baby girl is my absolute world.

I found a lump on her ear this week (turned out to just be an abscess) and I cried so much at the thought of it being something serious!

I feel like everything I do is for her to make sure she has the happiest time. I'm sure my friends and family are very sick of the constant WhatsApp updates of what she's having for lunch and the latest trick she's learnt!