Obsessed with my girl after 3 months with her


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She's the love of my life. I've already decided I'm buying a house for her (I mean, for me too, but mostly so she can have a backyard to run around in). She's my lil buddy for everything, to the point I have a hard time understanding when people don't love her automatically, lol. I love doing stuff like googling new kong recipes for her and making homemade kibble dispensing toys out of cardboard boxes. I know I'm extra af...but she is just the best thing to ever happen to me.

Any other crazy puppy parents out there? =)

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@kriskristnight I am soooo obsessed with my puppy. Everything he does is so endearing, and even when he acts up, I can’t stay mad at his face for too long. My days consist of thinking about him, his training, his food, playing with him, everything about him!

It’s hard to believe that the first week I had him, I was so disinterested in him due to puppy blues that I wouldn’t have even cared if I gave him back to the breeder.

Now he’s my entire world. So glad he’s a huge mama’s boy and returns my affection 😭
@clj93 I’m at the puppy blues stage with my 10 week old. Mostly it’s because I can’t take her on walks and to the park yet bc of the vaccinations, and she is nippy. Typical puppy behavior. I don’t feel that undying love towards her yet. But it’s always nice to hear people on the other side.
@imagebeastmarkbeast Puppy blues stage definitely sucks. The first few weeks are the hardest, and it’s basically impossible to feel anything for your pup but anxiety and exhaustion from dealing with a whining, biting, accident-having little monster.

Don’t feel bad, a bond takes a while to develop. Your pup will get easier to manage, and with that, you’ll actually be able to enjoy her company. Hang in there!
@imagebeastmarkbeast Puppy Blues are HARD, especially if yours starts barking at night. Mine learned how to howl while at day care so that was a very interesting experience LOL but it really does get better! Stay consistent with training and your puppy will start understanding/listening. Just remember your puppy WANTS to make your happy it just doesn't know how yet!
@bob2018 Wow. Howling. I can’t wait to put her in daycare but I’m nervous to how many bad habits she’ll bring home.

I think we will be much better once she can go on walks and to the park.
@imagebeastmarkbeast Sorry for the late response!! On top of howling, my puppy learned to demand bark. It's a little funny but it's something we can work on. Right now she's really good at bringing a toy, dropping it at my feet and if I don't notice she will boop me with her snoot to tell me she wants to play. But I think it's all part of the process! I'm still terrified of letting her off the leash bc she is at that age where she would rather play until she knocks out then come home bc I'm ready to go back inside lol
@imagebeastmarkbeast I'm right there with you with my 11 week old pup...he was a surprise gift and I'm having a hard time adjusting! He hates going for walks but is super playful (and nippy.) He'll happily sleep in his crate (door open) during the day but the last few nights has been manic panic starting with about an hour before bedtime. He used to be fine in the evenings, but the last week has been a struggle, and he's heavily panting and freaking out about it, which of course I don't want for him.

I'm about at wit's end but I know it'll get better. At least that's what everyone tells me! The crate thing boggles my mind, because he's all in for car rides in a crate, not a peep, but at bedtime? NAH.
@allan1967 Mines the opposite. Loves the crate at night but isn’t a fan of car rides. I think it’s bc she’s so little that she can’t see out the window and so to her it’s just this big box that unexpectedly moves around.
@clj93 Yes!! This is me. My girl is now almost 6 months and I’m so obsessed with her. When I got her at 8 weeks, I had major puppy blues. I can’t even believe I felt that way lol. It gets so good. She is my #1 buddy and I just want to buy her things, go on walks, and stare at her all day long 😂
@kriskristnight Lordy. I needed to see this. My wife pretty much took the day off yesterday and took the dog because the night before, I had kind of a puppy exhaustion meltdown. I would never give our dog away, but that particular day was just brutal. He started the day out by biting me on the chin. Hard. And he wouldn’t let go. He really pissed me off.

So yesterday, she kind of took over. She had him in his crate a lot more than I would have. She put him on a schedule, which is something that I am also not good at. She kept him on a leash in the house, which prevented him from attacking our youngest kid, which has been a constant source of frustration for everybody in the house.

I slept a lot yesterday, and then I made dinner for everybody. And while it was cooking, I realized that everything she was doing is stuff that I should’ve been doing, but I was so tired and aggravated, I wasn’t having good ideas anymore. I thanked her for giving me a “recovery“ day. But it’s good to see lots of people who are loving on their dogs. I know we will get there. But the day before yesterday? I was really having a hard time. Clenching my jaw, trouble sleeping, and aggravated pretty much the whole day. So today I will regroup, and I know things are going to get better. Have fun with your puppy love today everybody.

Oh, and PS: my wife is the rockingest wife in the history of wives.
@winnielt It's honestly so hard to do the things that are going to make your life easiest when you're tired! I slack off on trick training sessions when I'm exhausted, which means Cooper then has more energy throughout the day, ultimately making my life harder...I need to get better about just doing them.

It's so much work in the beginning with so little payoff...but now that she's 5 months old I'm already seeing signs of maturity, and she's my snuggly little love bug. Every little bit was worth it!!
@winnielt I can totally relate to this. Our lab is almost 2 now but up until she was 5.5 months was a nightmare. I had so many breakdowns. Just know it will get SO much better you just have to make it through the tiny demon land shark stage.