Had to have my 20yr old dog put down today.

@theunissa I'm so sorry you couldn't have been there with him. I would have thought they could at least give him some pain meds and maybe some light sedation to give you a chance to get there first. 20 years is amazing, I can't begin to comprehend your sense of loss.
@theunissa Nobody should have to move on saying goodby and you did the selfless thing by allowing that to happen without you, for his pain. My heart hurts for you. Please allow time to grieve, it may be harder without your goodbye. You process is uniquely yours and he was a big part of your life. Goodbye dear Jack❤️
@theunissa I don’t understand, the vet couldn’t let you wait one day to spend time with him before putting him down? Who is the vet to do that?

Unless he was in extreme pain, I think that’s ridiculous that they did that to you. Regardless sorry for your loss that’s awful
@theunissa I’m doing the same thing today for my 16 year old. We are heading to the beach for the last time today - appointment with a doctor at 5. It’s so hard. But we are the lucky ones to have had our babies for so long. I haven’t cried this much maybe ever and I still have another few hours with her. My heart goes out to you - I know your pain stranger.

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