Had to have my 20yr old dog put down today.


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Had to have my 20yr old dog put down today, my car was getting repaired so I had someone take him to the vet in hopes of getting him some strong pain meds to possibly help him, if it didn't then I had an appointment for tomorrow to say goodbye and put him down.

Turns out the vet said he had renal failure and it was best to have it done now, I didn't get to say goodbye.

R.I.P Jack, Australian terrier x jack russel. I'm sorry mate and I miss you greatly...
@theunissa I'm sorry :(

For a dog to live 20 years, it's a testament to how much he was loved by his human. I applaud you for that. I know that it's hard not getting to say goodbye(I didn't either) but you gave him a great life and it shows by the long life he had. He knows he was loved and in the end that's all that matters.
@theunissa Damn. Honestly 20 years is a great run. Losing our fur buddies is the worst part. I'm sorry you didn't get to say bye. You'll see each other on the other side. My condolences.
@theunissa I had a pup, who was almost 18, when we had to put her to sleep and had her since she was a few weeks old. I know exactly the type of loss you're experiencing right now and the one thing that got me through, was realizing how lucky I was to have all that time with her. I've known dog families, who've had to say goodbye to much younger pups due to accidents or illness. Instead of feeling sad for her loss, I'll be forever grateful that she chose me as her human and gave me almost 18 years of true friendship and loyalty. Grief for their loss but don't be sad they're gone, remember joyfully the great years you had together. ❤️
@freyrtheslayerwolfe I feel the exact same way about my 17-year-old poodle who passed last year. She gave me the best 17 years of my life. She was my best friend and she always will be and I cherish every moment I had with her but especially the fact that she held on so long to hang out with me here on this earth❤️
@raviathon Totally. I felt so blessed to get the time I got with her. When she passed, we spent the day laughing and sharing stories of all the crazy stuff she got up to. Even my friends text me all their moments with her and it helped with her loss big time, knowing she impacted the lives of others and not just me.
@theunissa I'm sorry for your loss. I wasn't there in my dog last minutes too and I know how it is. You are not alone.

Don't overthink too much. You gave your dog amazing 20 years. 20 years of memories, happy moments, funny days... that's the what matter the most!
@theunissa Damn, you made me cry. I'm so sorry that you had to put your dog down, I couldn't possibly imagine how painful that was. Sending you virtual hugs! I'm sure your doggo is in heaven watching over you😢

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