“It’s cruel to walk your dog in [this -20°C windchill]!”

@ashlynlp Haha, I went and bought some new cold-weather clothes to make sure I’d be okay! I don’t get the option to just stay in the house now, so I discovered the stuff I had was only really good for quick trips between the car and wherever I’m going, in these temperatures.
@eront Not OP, but owner of chronically cold toes. I was given some UGGs last winter. OMG. the only thing I've ever met that actually keeps my feet warm, and I've gone through various warm, water proof, weather proof boots.

They look stupid and are clunky, but they're warm.
@mhmalaska They tend to be so trendy that they’re mocked here. I tear mine like feet blankets. Others collect them and wear them in a more fashion minded way.
@diego87 Aussie here: they are permanently on my feet in the colder part of winter (even though it never really goes below 5c in my State). Around the house all day, you betcha. Have to ride my bike to the store? Yeah I'll wear them out too lol
@diego87 Definitely “trendy” here too but I love mine ❤️. Same pair for 4 years and they just started showing the wear and leaking a little this winter. I never wanted a pair because of the trendiness but my mother frankly forced them on me.
@papajoefreeman Puppygirl, a Great Pyr, loves nothing more than sunbathing on a brutally cold day. No amount of begging will bring her inside until she is good and ready. Her brother Puppyboy, also a Pyr, prefers to go in and out on cold days. On hot summer days, they prefer a quick potty break and then back inside for the ac.
@grindingla Yeah, I’m looking into getting a pet flap add-on thing I saw for the sliding door so mine can go in and out as he pleases (while I or my husband are home) and I don’t need to keep opening and closing the entire door. Heating gets expensive!
@papajoefreeman They have a mesh door way cover that u can use, it goes on a doorframe and meets in the middle with magnets so that way it basically opens and closes on its own u would just have to get the dog to understand they can walk through it.
@grindingla Ah yeah, we have one of those right now. It was a bit of a fight when he was smaller, but now it's good. He just goes right through and doesn't chew or tear at it. It's just somewhat less than effective at keeping out the cold air, haha.
@dj617 I am pretty sure Great Pyrs are smarter than most people. Even though we are their inferiors they still love us far more than we deserve. Some want contact, others prefer to protect us just out of arms reach.

Pyrs are big barkers that can wake the dead five miles away. But sometimes the don’t bark when they protect.

When my male housemate was not home at night the Pyrs went into protective mode. Every once in a while there would be a sound that needed to be checked out. Puppyboy would silently and immediately go check out the noise. Puppygirl would come over to me. You could tell she was on high alert and ready to protect. She wouldn’t budge until Puppyboy returned. It was both comforting and terrifying.

Housemate would laugh and was convinced I was making it up. They never did it for him. I’m guessing it is because they didnt think he needed their protection, but I told him they just didn’t like him. He finally believed me when his mom mentioned they do the same thing with her.
@papajoefreeman Pftt, I live in the midwest, walk my standard poodle daily and I still have not seen her get cold. She is hot pretty much all year except now, so she is having a blast. People need to mind their own business, everyone knows huskies run super hot.

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