“It’s cruel to walk your dog in [this -20°C windchill]!”


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I was accosted while walking my boy yesterday at the park, by a lady I didn’t know. We’re having a bit of a (relative) cold snap, and it was a bright and sunny day, but of course without the cloud layer to trap heat it was a bit brisk. My boy is a nearly-9-month-old husky, who has been whining every morning as soon as we get up because he wants to go out and lay on the grass.

I was so caught off guard because no one has ever just come up and started criticizing me or him before. I just looked at her for a second, and told her that I’m pretty sure my dog, who was bred to pull a sled through the Siberian winter, was fine.

Here he is from about 5 minutes before she decided to stick her nose in, for reference. Clearly, I’m abusing this poor thing.
@ashlynlp Exactly. Summers get to the 30s and occasionally 40s here (90s-100s for the Americans), so it would be different if I had him out under the afternoon sun in August, but he’ll go out of his way to lay on the bits of unmelted snow still laying around.
@papajoefreeman Honestly, huskies handle the heat fine. I mean, I wouldn’t leave one outside all day in it, but I live in Florida and they’re no worse off than any other dog. Somewhat better, insofar that their fur is an insulator, so it helps protect them from the heat. Some room-temperature drinking water and, shy of trying to pull a sled down to the beach, they’re about on par with any other dog that isn’t really built for heat.

My neighbor’s has just as much energy and plays just as much as all the other dogs, it’s just ten-fold in the winter 😂
@kylo28 My boy was fine outside as a little pup last summer as long as there was shade and cool water for him if he was getting too warm. Simple solution was to just turn a sprinkler on a little bit and he was thrilled! I just wouldn't take him for a hike someplace without a lot of tree cover for him, or at least a nearby lake.
@ashlynlp I walk my greyhound in the freezing cold too, she just gets bundled up in layers of coats and wears her boots. We wouldn't stay out as long as a husky of course!
@hollye554 You are right. Sorry, I wasn't being clear. I meant that if you are walking your short hair/hairless dog without proper clothing, then that would be a problem. With adequate clothing, nothing wrong with some quick walks! The walks are good for you and the dog
@hollye554 My whippet puppy doesnt understand hes not built for cold. Hes absolutely loving the snow, I have to call him back inside after 5-10 mins when he goes out to wee cause he just starts playing indefinitely otherwise.
@taha Done

This isn't all the layers I've done. She has a thin fleece sweater that I've put under the winter coat and a snood that she really doesn't care for but will tolerate when it's crazy cold. This is just the best pic I have of her in her coat and boots 😊
@artofmcw My sister started the trend of naming pets after bugs. Her first dog was Junebug, then I got my cat Doodlebug, my brother's dog was Firefly and then his cat was Butterfly, and then I got my Cicada!
@ashlynlp Yeah, like sled dogs literally never step foot inside a building... in places like Alaska and the Yukon. Next time you should tell this lady to go round up the local coyotes and bring them in to her home from the cold.
@ashlynlp Tell me about it. We have a Malamute/Shepherd/Husky mix and it started snowing yesterday. She whines constantly to go outside and as soon as we come in and get our coats off she's whining to go back out again.

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