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My puppy poops on a pee pad in his tent (inside). I’m cool with that, it’s cold and muddy outside and when I tried outside he didn’t (we tried for a long long time), People are telling me that’s bad and that I need to get him off the pee pads and have him only go outside, so I feel really guilty. it ok for a dog to go inside on pee pads in a designated litter area in his tent?
Q.Where do you guys have your dogs go, inside or outside?

@adamkaminski The thing about pads is once you start, it’s hard to stop. Your pup now knows it’s okay to pee inside, which can be a hard habit to break. I have a tiny chihuahua mix who I’ve potty trained to go outside because I live in an apartment and don’t want to smell pee and poo all the time.
@imagebeastmarkbeast Mine is a chihuahua too. I hold him outside and say : potty, potty —over and over again. But he doesn’t produce anything. He seems to produce on the pee pads when I’m not watching, he doesn’t like people watching. When he’s outside, and I’m trying to get him to pee, he just eats the grass or lays on the grass. He thinks grass is for sleeping. I bought a natural grass patch and he just wants to sleep on it. His breeder had him sleeping on grass and peeing on a piece of cloth. I have no idea whether to battle this or not. Another issue is the rainy cold whether and the mud outside. He hates the wet.
@adamkaminski This part sucks, but it’s what works: go outside and don’t leave until he’s peed or pooped. Ideally do this 10-15 minutes after a meal so he’ll have to go soon. You can also bring the pad outside if you have a yard and work on him peeing on the pad, outside.
@adamkaminski No problem! I get the struggle, believe me. My little guy still has his moments where he makes eye contact with me and pisses on the floor. But going outside for potty breaks every 2 hours has been great to meet our neighbours and get some sunshine
@adamkaminski Outdoors is best. Pad is a compromise, but can be done with dedicated upkeep. Don’t let that be an excuse to not exercise them adequately, however!

If indoors on a pad, be vigilant about cleanup and pad replacement. Many dogs have a natural tendency to be clean; not soiling themself in confinement, avoiding stepping in their poop, pooping along the perimeter of an area, etc. Don’t let any waste accumulate such that their comfort with an area—yard, pad or otherwise—is compromised.
@adamkaminski My parents have a chihuahua/papillon mix and it took over a year and a half I would say for them to break the potty pads. When they got her, our first family dog was geriatric at that point (16 year old Maltese) and was using potty pads because she couldn’t hold it anymore so when the chi was a puppy, that’s all she knew
@adamkaminski She was definitely stubborn and still is!!! But even though I don’t live at home anymore, she is absolutely bonded to me and it’s so sweet.

My parents work a lot, so both their toy poodle (15) and the chi mix (3) use potty pads during the day but they both can go outside.

I definitely would recommend trying to break the habit. When I was helping my parents, I brought the potty pads outside to familiarize her with going potty outside and it seemed to help

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