To my bathers, how long does it take for u to wash a dog?

@emmliy An average of 15 minutes. I wet the dog, wash the head, then wash the body, then rinse all at once from top to bottom. Then wash the face, wash the body and rinse. The soap siting on the head has more time to break down oils and grime and bind to the dirt. And the same goes with the bottom half of the dog as you're spending time rinsing. Then i towel dry really good. No drips at all anywhere. Then I take my high velocity and in a quick motion, no more than 30 seconds I do a quick blast of air all over the dog blasting off the "big water". Then I chose an area to start focus drying on (the thigh for instance). Doing a quick all over blast will help the rest of the dog dry while I'm focus drying in a general quadrant. I get the dog about 75% dry qnd put in a cage with fans. It's a high volume salon so there is always something else to start before the dog I just did needs to go on a table.

Wire hair coats take a shorter amount of time and can go in a drying cage at about 50% dry. Where as a husky will take a much longer time washing and drying(more like 45 minutes)
@emmliy Part of it for me is behavior not just coat any normal to slightly naughty dog isn't to hard but I refuse to rush some of the more aggressive extremely fearful ones.

The ones that climb walls, gang themselves or bite uh uh
@emmliy One thing I don’t think I’ve seen mentioned- is it possible your coworker uses conditioner regularly? That needs to sit for a couple of minutes and adds to the bath time a noticeable amount
@emmliy Depends on the dog. I always try and check before doing a big dog because we only have one tub, so I don’t want to take it up while the others are waiting.

I wonder if your coworker doesn’t dilute their shampoo enough and they rinse for a long time? Either way, you do you and she does her. I tend to groom quickly, and now that I have wide combs and blades I’m even faster, and people have been amazed. But everyone is different.
@emmliy With everything (nails, shaving paw pads and sani, ears, bath, dry, brush and comb out), it takes me 30-45 on a small dog and 45-60 on a medium to large. A deshed on a big hairy can take 90-120 mins.