To my bathers, how long does it take for u to wash a dog?


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There’ve been a couple times where my coworker was shocked i was done. Washing a dog seems fairly simple to me? I wash them twice, clean their face, smell check, then to the table to be blow dried. The dogs smell good and nobody is complaining. My coworker who is shocked has been one for 7 years in comparison to my 3 months.
@emmliy I've learned time has literally nothing to do with quality. I had a bather in the salon I worked at who took probably 30-45 minutes for the bath alone on every single dog, and yet they still came out dirty because all she did that entire time was massage their backs and talk to them. One day when I asked her if she washed the chest/legs/feet she said "the shampoo runs down the dog" lmao.

I will say she moved and transferred stores and she is trying really hard to learn and does seem to really want to be a groomer.
@thegiant Please go to the petsmart I worked at for about two weeks and tell them this lol. I washed a dog there and my salon lead told me I was working too fast. :| Dog was perfectly clean and washed well. I was just too fast.
@emmliy For just the bath or also drying? Small dogs probably about 30 mins for everything 10/15 in the bath, bigger short hair and small long hair is say 45, 20 mins in the bath. Big hairy ones take me much longer tho probs 30 mins for bath then 45ish to dry properly. Had a huge Newfie recently that took me 2 hours all together.
@emmliy I had the same thing come up! Someone mentioned it shouldve taken longer than 45 mins to do a lab bath which shocked me since I did everything I needed. Could be the person talking to you it slower, or always juggling more than one dog at a time.
@emmliy Depends on the size, coat type, thickness, and soil level. Smaller dogs 15/20 minutes, big fuzzys closer to 45. We do a lot of dogs that are only deshed baths so we have to do a good job because they bring in a lot of money.
@emmliy I got my husky deshed, which according to the itemized bill they gave me includes bath, condition, and brushing with a furminator, and it took 7 hours. That's abnormal, right? The time before, it only took about 2 hours. I'm just trying to set my expectations for next time lol.
@imagebeastmarkbeast It really depends for desheds, especially if the groomer/bather is overbooked. Deshedding is arguably the most labor intensive services, and if the groomer was still fully booked as usual, deshed dogs can easily spend an hour or two at a time hanging out in a kennel (usually kennel drying) while the groomer tries to pump out their other dogs. Deshed dogs get put on the back burner when juggling multiple dogs.

In my own shop, I'm actually going to encourage large deshed services to just drop off on the morning and pick up in the afternoon. I'm looking at locations where I can take dogs potty if necessary or give them a section of the shop to walk around. But it's honestly better on the dog and on the groomer to really take your time with desheds and give the dog a 30+ minute break between major portions. It's very hard for a large dog to stand for a grooming service and they get extremely tired and sometimes agitated, and large dog desheds are one of the highest risks of injury for groomers. I've seen so many stories on here of groomers having career ending (and life altering) back injuries working with a large/giant breed dog that won't stand up or walk. This scenario can be avoided by giving the dog ample breaks instead of forcing them through so you can hand the dog back over to the owner in 2 hours.
@thegiant That makes sense. I'm definitely fine with a morning drop-off/afternoon pickup, which is probably what I'm going to plan on from now on. She gets the "large dog" price but she's actually only 37 pounds, so definitely not a large or giant breed. I am curious now as to how she tolerates standing for a long time. She certainly has no issues running around for hours, but I'm sure standing still is very different for a husky!

The first time threw me off being just a few hours because the grooming place is 30 to 40 minutes away from my house, so I just hung out in a coffee shop while I waited for her. And then the second time, I kept waiting and waiting but I just KNEW as soon as I made the drive they'd call to come get her. But I did NOT want to actually spend 7 hours at a coffee shop, lol. I just hope they don't get mad if I take a long time to come get her since I live 40 minutes away rather than staying at a coffee shop right around the corner.
@noheisable Honestly I was just really worried lol because they weren't answering the phones--which makes sense because they were all working. But since the last time only took 3 hours, I was afraid something had happened. I ended up showing up early but they had locked the door, so I just sort of hovered outside until someone came by.

I felt bad because I've seen on this sub how much they hate when owners act like me with the phone calls and then showing up but I was worried.

It makes sense like the other person commented that they would crate her and then work on another dog because dogs who aren't there for deshedding get priority... but I also wish someone had told me that, lol.
@imagebeastmarkbeast No I totally get it! I think they def should’ve let you know at check in how long it’d take (or given you a call if it’s taking longer than usual). Especially with not answering the phones and locking the door I’d be freaking out too 😅
@emmliy I was a bather for a year (groomer now) and everyone always kept saying I was too fast. I don't know why it would take longer. Small chihuahua or shi tzu take me about 30 mixtures for the entire service (bath, dry, brush, nails, sani,). Large dog desheds are 1.5-2 hours depending on how they behave for the blow dry. Super short hair like a pittie takes me about 30-40 minutes.

Today I did a Bath and Brush on a senior lab in 1 hour. His ears were still a bit damp due to not being a fan of dryer on his face, so I just let him chill in the kennel for 30 minutes and then called his dad to pick him up. He was perfectly dry and clean, nails grinded, and a bit of a deshed as well.
@emmliy ive been working as a bather for 3 months. t really depends on breed, size, service, how they can handle the velocity drier, if they can be kennel dried or not, how they do with nails, if they need paw pads & sanitary done. a bather who started a month before me is 'tied' with me for the fastest, approx 1.5h per dog from check in to service complete. we just got bumped up to 4-4 tho so we'll see how that goes.
@emmliy I’m old and hurt, I don’t bathe as fast as I used to at all. Same dog, same quality, I just physically cannot move as fast. We all have different speeds, it shouldn’t matter how fast or slow as long as the dog is actually clean lol.