How long to see results on fluoxetine/prozac

@mistertumnus We are thinking about switching from clomicalm TO fluoxetine; in your experience would this seem like a bad idea?

It's not that clomicalm doesn't work - it makes a difference, but we also have to give him trazodone 3x a day, and now we just can't AFFORD clomicalm anymore. For Trip's size and dosage it costs $110 a month.
@btrdst You won't know how your dog does until you've tried both. Floux is definitely cheaper and if you can get the same results out of it I would say go for it. Worse comes to worse you go back (or try something else*). I would consult with your vet regarding the best way to transition (dial one down and when to introduce the other)
  • We did try alprazolam with my vet (before the behaviorist and Fluox) and within 3 days my dog was stumbling and tripping about. He was freaking out that he was flailing so it was too much. Immediately stopped and went back to try Fluox. But that drug may work for other dogs.
Build up your knowledge base and figure out what works and doesn't! Document it all to figure out what's different on each med.
@jordi9999 Our lab is 50 lbs; we had 4 weeks on 20 mg with absolutely no change. Switched to 40 mg, saw a few small changes aftet 4 additional weeks, and big changes at 6 weeks after the dose change. It takes a while!
@jordi9999 I would say it took 2-3 months. Completely changed our life from unbearable to quite manageable. Skye's baseline anxiety was out of this world ridiculous and when she leveled out we could all actually focus on serious training.
@jordi9999 Anxiety increased so much around 3 to 6 weeks in that we began weaning off at 8 weeks. Anxiety decreased along with the meds.

I would only make a decision at the 2 month mark if results were bad. Otherwise, I'd stick with it for awhile longer. Good luck!
@jordi9999 I also have a pup named Teddy. He’s been on fluoxetine since March and I don’t think there’s been much, if any, improvement. I hope you have more luck!
@jordi9999 Our 17lb Pomsky just started Prozac yesterday for separation anxiety. Our vet referred us to a behaviorist too, so we’ll have to get that scheduled. Has anybody seen the GI side effects in their dogs? How long do they last? She started having diarrhea, so we’ve been trying to counteract it with probiotics and kaolin pectate.
@jordi9999 We just put our yorkie on it she is 7 lbs and is taking 5mg per day. We got her at age 6 she is a retired breeding dog. We have had 4 others that do not show the level of anxiety she has. She comes completely unglued if I am not in her sight at all times. She acts like a crazy nut job! I want her to calm down and enjoy her retired life. We are only in week one no change so far. Will keep ya posted.
@jordi9999 Has anyone used this for storm phobias? Our rotty has been subscribed this, but only been on it for about 2 weeks, he barks non stop during storms and starts to poo when he barks too hard and it’s a fucking nightmare, we’ve tried pretty much everything to stop this for 6 years
@multipleminiinterview No. Fluoxetine is more like a maintenance pill to bring down their baseline anxiety day-to-day. For a really stressful event like a storm, he needs something fast acting and stronger to take, like Trazodone or Clonidine, and it will wear off within 6-8 hours or so. Talk to your vet and ask for something like that.

My dog is still like this during fireworks. We blast the TV and turn on all our fans and white noise machines to drown out the noise from outside. If it's really bad, we give him Clonidine and it does help.
@jordi9999 Yeah we’ve also been given a combo of trazadone and alprazolam for during the storms but it still seems to not completely stop him. Yeah we blast the tv and white noise but when it’s really bad storms he can still hear it. We have a behaviourist coming soon to help us hopefully get it sorted but I’m not too sure what they can really do