How I've (new owner) spent $4629 on a Puppy in 4 months. Each purchase (or store run) list + rough breakdown at the bottom

@xianin The spending has definitely died down! I think at this point we have a good toy rotation, we have dry food for the rest of the year...I realize at this second I didn't include that in the post. So now it will just be treats and the new harness at some point!

What other grooming supplies did you buy? I have 3 different brushes, nail clippers?
@vido Yea it’s a big spend in the first 6 months to a year, then it dies down. You’ll have to replace some toys and things, but I keep an eye out for those on sale or at places like tjmaxx/homegoods if you have those.

She’s a poodle mix and I got her right before COVID happened and shut the groomers down so I bought everything to home groom and started educating myself. I spent a decent amount, but it would probably cost $100 every 6-8 weeks to take her to a groomer.

I have 2 brushes, a comb, shampoo, conditioner, loofah, happy hoodie for keeping her ears protected while drying, a high velocity dog dryer, absorber drying towel, professional clippers, extra blade for the clippers, clipper combs for different lengths, hair cutting scissors, brushing/detangling sprays, ear cleaner, nail clippers. It’s a full service dog salon haha.
@vido I appreciate this post, because my family dogs growing up were adult dogs who didn’t want, need, or care about toys, crates, dog beds, and they were past the days of destructive chewing or eating foreign objects. I thought I’d spend about a $1000 on startup costs and maybe $125 monthly (to include vet visits, insurance, food, new toys, etc). HAHAHA, that was the biggest lie I’ve ever told myself, and I talked to MANY people who have raised puppies before to gauge an appropriate amount. But what I’ve learned is that puppyhood is like pregnancy and labor, people forget the things they don’t want to remember!!

Between vet visits (normal vaccine schedule and preventatives but he also had kennel cough, likely from puppy class as that’s the only place he went before final vax, a sensitive stomach which has led to several vet visits, an allergic reaction, etc), finding chews and toys he actually wants to play with, new harnesses/collars/crates as he was a rescue and the initial breed idea WAS NOT what he ended up being and at 6 months he’s the size they and I thought would be his full grown size, and puppy classes, private training, and daycare for the super high energy breed he ended up being, I have spent well over $3000 since March when I picked him up. Honestly he doesn’t even seem very spoiled to me. It’s getting better: the first 2 months I spent $1000 each and now we’re trending toward $500/mo. If he wasn’t as sickly (and I do have pet insurance), it would be less but the reality is that you don’t know what kind of pup you’ll get. The “excessive”purchases I’ve made have been for my sanity which has certainly pushed me to the edge of my budget, but I don’t regret it and yeah, I hope other people do understand that this kind of spending is NORMAL, depending on your pup. If you have a low energy, non-sporting breed who isn’t inclined to make a mess, destroy things, or eat foreign objects, you might be able to avoid some of these. And to the person who is saying that this post might discourage low-earning potential puppy owners, I hope it does! Had I known the actual tangible costs, as a moderate income earner, I would have seriously reconsidered a puppy and searched harder for the adult dog who would fit my needs (full grown under 35lbs, child and dog friendly, and able to handle a busy neighborhood). Puppies aren’t for the faint of heart and certainly not for a super strict budget, in my opinion and experience.
@jayadams81 Thanks for your comment! We thought really long and hard years ago about whether or not to get a puppy, and decided not to because I WANT to be able to afford ANYTHING that I want for her. She is so incredibly smart, it is so important to work with her, provide her with stimulation, etc. She's chewing on a stuffy instead of the slipper sitting next to her because we train so much with so many different things to teach her what is hers and what is ours. If I have so many things I love, why shouldn't she? That's where I'm coming from at least.
@pieman Same here 😅 I guess I will need to adjust my spendings a bit when it is still early lol. I am in my first month of puppy parenthood and did not realize how much I was spending until seeing this. But as the OP said totally worth it!
@ambrose94 Yep. It's also my first puppy. So, I'm totally going crazy with all the cute toys cozy blankets, etc. :p Also, bought health insurance, and am flying to pick him up. So, it all adds up!
@pieman :)

It definitely doesn't have to! We waited until we had enough money to have a puppy so that we could have fun and not worry! Best decision ever!!
@vido My pup is 14 months and I can relate all too well—and it doesn’t end!

My dog is a toy boy also…my other dogs liked toys but this guy lives to destroy and sometimes I just want to be left alone for a minute without giving him more calories plus we need toys for training!
@vido I have probably spent about $300 a month on my dog but that is after the initial expenses. She has gone to a groomer. Some puppy classes. Some training. She has tear stains so every tear stain product you can think of none of which work. Plus my dog cost $3000
@vido So I'm not the only one who spend $(suddenly lost consciousness) for toys!! I mean she looks so happy when I give her new toys, so...
@vido I have spent SO much money on toys for my doggo, and thankfully I can get decent quality cheap ones he can chew through online or at Daiso. Also cut shirts for 2 bucks he’ll grow out of 😅

I was stupidly smart and got like 1000 pee pads and a 15kg bag of food for the brand that he likes and was also recommended by the vet since he has a sensitive stomach and skin (italian greyhound, super short fur) for a total of around 150 USD and we are no where near out. So while i’m paying off some other debts and scrimping by for myself I feel assured that he is always covered.

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