[Fluff] Does your country have dog naming "rules"?

@ginaxmill Right?! It sounded totally implausible and pointless, so I looked it up. The sources I found all say it is so that the age of the animal is readily apparent. Which also makes no sense to me. So many questions on this one.
@moej I honestly didn't know it was only concerning France/Belgium, for me every body did that [sup]^[/sup]
My dogs never have pedigree but we always named them by the letter if the year they are/were born. By the way finding names at some letter can be sooooo difficult ! X)
@moej In Canada we don’t have any particular naming conventions, aside from avoiding naming your dog anything considered vulgar or inappropriate (which is common sense anyway).

I’ve seen a lot of American dogs on PetFinder who have names like Gunner, Sniper, Trigger, Bullet, Bomb, etc. - those names would be generally considered to be in poor taste here.
@moej This is crazy. I have two dogs, Shadow and Summer and two cats,Shade and Spooky but that's because of a tradition I have of naming my pets with S.
My country has no naming rules that I know of.

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