Do not use Farmer’s Dog! It can give your dog pancreatitis!

@katherinej My Chi got pancreatitus on Farmer's dog. I blame myself for not saying he had digestive issues when I signed him up for it. My other Chi was just fine on it.
@katherinej Just came here to say same. I was a huge advocate of them, my dog loved the food and had way more energy on it.

She’s been vomiting blood and her enzyme levels were high. My vet asked me what table food she’s been getting and all she eats in farmers dog and freeze dried beef heart/liver treats. That’s all I ever give her.
@katherinej I just switched my dog to Farmer's Dog and he also has sever pancreatitis. I am afraid he will not make it and I feel so guilty that I fed him this food.
@katherinej For those mentioning pancreatitis we’ve had our little Maltipoo on Hydrolyzed Protein from Royal Canine and her weight is perfect and she’s doing VERY well on it. Poor baby can’t deviate AT ALL even if she’s out of food in some rare circumstance- rice on boiled chicken can set her off. So can separation anxiety or licking her paws too much- and like many of you feel - this dog is my world. She is EVERYTHING to me and I’ll always do my best to keep her healthy and happy. She’s doing great. For treats her tummy can handle I have some dried sweet potato pieces she really likes. Pancreatitis is a scary diagnosis but managed well you pup can THRIVE!! We love her with all our heart!
@katherinej can i ask you what your dogs first symptoms were? my dogs been on FD for a handful of months now and she most recently has been throwing up after eating. after reading this it makes me want to start her back on pro purina tomorrow morning. im scared!
@katherinej Wanted to add to the conversation since I ignored these warnings until it happened to my dog.

When I first transitioned to Farmer's 6 months ago, I was super happy. My 13yr old pup had a lot of new energy, she loved the food and there was clearly a positive difference in her demeanor. I then noticed she seemed really hungry. Jumping and begging for food which she never used to do. After some more of my own research, FD suggested 600 calories when she needed to be on around 900! You can read other threads about the assumption this is purposeful so you buy in at the lower price and then YOU choose to go up higher. Either way, a bit of false advertising. I still increased the amount and was overall happy.

Fast forward to a few days ago, my dog was diagnosed with pancreatitis. I noticed some changes when I added in the beef and pork recipe (which I now know has very high fat content). I switched her back to Turkey and Chicken but not soon enough. The vet said even these were way too high in fat and likely what caused her issue. She now has to be on prescription food to see if it resolves but due to her age, it could now be a chronic issue. Again, Vet said while it could have been anything, the connection and timeline to FD makes it pretty clear. She advised not continuing with FD unless they offer a low-fat option (which they do not).

Symptoms for my pup were subtle and gradual enough to miss until they weren't and there was something clearly different/wrong: very frequent and bad smelling gas, obsession with trying to eat grass, mucous covered poop, blood in poop, soft poop nearly every bm, large volume of poop - one day we went out for 6 large poops. I also heard her moan a couple times when trying to get comfortable from couch to bed to floor.

I did contact Farmer's with this feedback/diagnosis and with no questions asked, they refunded me for my last shipment.

Take this information as you want but I hope it helps some other pet parents with early intervention!

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