Adopted a Rescue Saluki: How do I manage the shredding?


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As the title says, I adopted a salooki who's 7 months and been through 5 homes unfortunately. He's great and gets along well with me loves to be lead and all the fun stuff.

But he's been shedding like crazy past month. For context, I've had a pitbull before that shred alot but it wasn't as bad as this guy. I'm sure I can start a business to sell his fur to manufacture wigs. His hair is everywhere even found in my clean laundry....

Any tips on how to manage this? Could it be the diet/water? (switched from tap water to bottled water) diet is the same.
@ericam I don’t know of any way to lessen shedding other than brushing. However, bounce has some new dryer sheets that are pet hair repellant, that should help with the clean clothes.

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